Krakow city could build a metro line

In this regard, the municipality of Krakow announced that it has published a tender to choose the consultant for a feasibility study to build a metro line. The feasibility study will has to be finalised by the end of 2019. According to the requirements, the consultant will analyse the rapid development of the necessary infrastructure, the technology to be used, the technical and functional parameters and the financial resources needed for the implementation and subsequent operation of the metro line. The deadline for submitting bids is May 8. The contract is estimated at PLN 12.2 million (EUR 3 million).
The solution that Krakow expects should provide a high transport capacity where tram network jams occur. The feasibility study will also need to consider the possibility of integrating the new transport system with other urban transport systems such as the tram network. The most important objectives of the project will be to increase the share of travel by public transport, to increase public transport capacity, to increase the level of comfort in public transport and to create integrated and efficient transport hubs.
In its requirements, the City of Krakow takes into account a metro line on the east-west axis and the consultant must present at least three route variants that should ensure a direct and convenient connection with Kraków Główny railway station. Any of the variants must present the connection to the existing tram network.
Krakow has a vast tram network with 27 lines with the total length of the network of 84 kilometers.