Marin Aldea

Director General – Metrorex

Mr. Marin ALDEA was born on 19 August 1965. He has graduated from the Faculty of Manufacturing Engineering of Politehnica University of Bucharest and from the Faculty of Finance and Accounting of Athenaeum University of Bucharest. He holds a master’s degree in the Management of public services companies from the Faculty of Commerce of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies. He has worked from 1989, as Technological engineer, with a couple of state companies (Lathe Plant, Târgovişte and the Institute of Research and Design for Manufacturing Technologies “Chema Proiect S.A.”, Bucharest), and from 1991 with METROREX S.A., as Senior Engineer, Head of Planning – Strategy Department, Management of Operations Director, Strategy, Planning and Resources Director.
As of December 2015, he is General Director of METROREX S.A.