Keep your focus on railways!


(contribution of rail transport to climate change challenge, Government support in this respect, European Commission’s new adapting strategies)
(new projects, business and legal measures, image recovery, rail vs. air in the context of increasing air tickets’ price due to the Covid pandemic)


Rail Infrastructure

(divergent business interests between infrastructure suppliers and operators, market needs, Internet of Things – IoT for railways)
(Climate Train, Common rail visual identity, railway’s response to the Race to Zero campaign )

Freight, passengers and urban transport

(measures to encourage the younger generation as the future users to choose the train, partnership in common project of multimodality and future projects of mixed mobility – rail – road, rail – air, regional initiatives to support rail transport, future plans for new trams acquisition, new rolling stock technologies: (hybrid trains, hydrogen based locomotives), measures to promote the benefit of rail freight transport)

(digitalization; projects to increase revenues from the sale of transport services by improving the booking process for customers; how to work for simplifying the cooperation Distributors-Railway Carriers, cooperation with “Open Sales and Distribution Model’’, update on the cooperation of the Railway Associations and Smart Ticketing Alliance about ticketing integration in all mobility and transport services in Europe, financing the purchase of new rolling stock considering the new EU budget)