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The 15th edition of the Railway Days 2020 – will reunite 100 representatives of the railway industry and auxiliary services – companies, specialists and authorities – in a two-day event which includes a specialised photography exposition, as well as many networking sessions.


Why participate at Railway Days?


For 15 years, Railway Days is the largest traditional railway event in Eastern Europe. With dedicated networking sessions and a dynamic exposition, you will have the opportunity to find out the latest trends and learn the newest techniques emerging in the railway market. ​

The summit provides excellent networking sessions where operators, infrastructure managers, government representatives and leaders from the international railway industry can exchange knowledge and offer their insight on the latest railway development projects.

Primarily through constructive competition and the removal of administrative and technical barriers, as well as new rail connections can an efficient railway be achieved, and the participants to the Railway Days 2020 will discuss and provide their valuable assessments on the latest and most important aspects, as well as looking at ways to eliminate many of the lingering hindrances.


Join the participants already registered for the Railway Days and accelerate the development of your company.




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